2014-06-29 16:05 #0 av: Ikajo

Jag har redan skrivit inlägget nedan på ett engelsk forum och jag orkar inte översätta alltihopa. Jag hoppas att det är okej. Om det är så att det är något som inte kommer fram så är det bara att fråga. Grundläggande kan jag säga att det här är mina tankar om vilka expansioner jag skulle vilja se till TS4 och vad jag skulle vilja ha i dem och så där. Jag har utvecklat mina tankar en hel del, det är därför inlägget är så långt. Som sagt, jag hoppas att det inte gör något att det är på engelska...

Since many things from Late Night seems to be included in the base game such expansion would no longer be needed. Something I do hope is implemented in the base game is the possibility to be a self-employed entrepreneur since I truly enjoy this feature in TS3. Otherwise an Ambition styled Expansion would be on top of my list. It would also be nice if such EP would include some elements of Open for Business from TS2 and allow the player to have their own venue, selling stuff and such. Maybe even owning an hotel or gym? Not just a boutique but a multitude of different venues. Additional traits could perhaps be "Business minded" and "Focused" among others. Of course additional clothing, hair, accessory, hats and whatnot.

Definitely weather and seasons. It would be nice if they could allow the player to choose if they have four season winter-spring-summer-autumn or more subtropical seasons like dry season- wet season - raining season (I'm not really familiar with subtropical seasons, living in the Scandinavia... You don't get much further from the tropics than that...). It would also be nice if not only the Sims themselves were affected by the weather but also their furniture. Moulding or decaying after being left out-side for to long? Things freeze if left in the snow? As for stuff, more season based things perhaps. Skis? Actual holiday decorations they can purchase and put up and take down depending? More to the holidays overall not just one day.
Traits could perhaps be "Hate holidays" and "Weather-sim". The "Hate holiday"-trait would effect the sim's emotion when the holidays are approaching either becoming depressed or grumpy depending on the holiday. The "Weather-sim" would love all kinds of weather of course. From rain to snow. Perhaps preferring rainy weather to sunny days? As for clothing. Of course seasonal clothes. Maybe different demands on the clothing depending on the season? Lighter jackets in Spring and Autumn while winter needs proper winter clothing? In the summer, tops and shorts/short skirts would be preferable to long sleeves and boot-cut jeans? Using the memory system and attach a feeling to a certain season so when it comes again the sim will remember how s/he felt last time and react to the season in accordance to that memory. Optional of course.

I really like Supernatural but I'm also fond of many of the stuff from Into the Future. So perhaps a Fantasy and Sci-fi EP? Yeah, that sounds nice. Including both elements of fantasy and sci-fi in the same EP. Of course different kinds of creatures and not just haunted house creatures but also creatures like elves, orchs and beast-sims. On the Sci-fi side aliens (of course) and cyborg-sims (not simbots, cyborg - both sim and bot).
Traits would perhaps be "Supernatural sceptic", "Supernatural enthusiast" (like in TS3) and "Extraterrestrial fan". "Technophobe" already exist I think, otherwise, that one two. If possible, it would be implemented in the mechanics that a supernatural sim can't be "Supernatural sceptic", since that's just stupid. Or maybe it would be really fun...a sim who doubt his/her own existence...
As for stuff. Of course clothing matching the themes, accessories and items. Especially the clothes having a more fantasy/sci-fi look to them and at least believable to some extent, not to weirs-looking... To the magician the choice between a staff or a wand? Overall content that compliment the themes so the player can create both a fantasy home or a futuristic one. Perhaps a firewood stove and a fire-heated bathtub? A food synthesiser and the wave shower from In to the Future?
Regarding gameplay, the supernatural sims with magic could perhaps be affected by their other traits. Like a sim with the evil trait will have different spells than a sim with the good trait. And even then, with or without the traits, depending on what kind of spells used, the unlooked spells will go in different directions and in turn unlook new spells. Instead of just a linear growth.

I'm not that in to pets despite having bought the EP to every generation. Don't ask me why... I do however like the smaller pets and I would definitely like an EP with farming and an EP with animals could also implement farming animals. Not playable farm-animals though. Simply the possibility of owning farm. You know, go from small time farmer to big time farmer. Perhaps owning a ranch? And if there are going to be pets, they should have more skills... it's pitiable in TS3...

While I'm not the kind to play families, if an EP focusing on family a la Generation were made, I would like it to impact the gameplay more. Even for someone who play with a single sim. But I know a few features that would be neat. For exampel: in addition to adopt a child, same-sex or single families could have a baby in a clinic. Nothing to explicit but just the possibility. Of course, opposite-sex couples would also be able to have a baby in a clinic.
A wider variety of things a family would be able to do together! Generation was almost a Stuff Pack with a few additional things in gameplay. Really not worth the money. So a family focused EP should have activities for the family to enjoy together. But, hey. We don't know what's included in the base game yet so let's wait and see!

So this is my thought regarding future Expansions Packs to The Sims 4. What do you think? Any EP you would like? What kind of content? What kind of gameplay? I mentioned the one I would like and what content it should include, something you would enjoy? Something you would want included? Please **** it out!